The Science of Trading

Material Indicators uses science based research methodologies to develop, test and validate a suite of premium algorithmic trading indicators and tools for cryptocurrency, equities and forex traders.  Our iconic Fire Charts provide granular order book and order flow data to help you identify opportunities, mitigate risk and gain an edge on the market. 

Trading Indicators & Tools

Our growing suite of algorithmic trading indicators help you identify daily opportunities and mitigate risk, and the FireCharts web app gives you a window to the order book with granular detail of order flow (CVD). 

Telegram Community

We have an amazing global community of traders using our trading tools, sharing data and helping each other learn trading strategies and identify opportunities on Telegram. We invite you to join us.

MI Trading Academy

You’ve found the right tools, now learn how to use them to gain the edge. In the MI Trading Academy you’ll learn how to master our tools, optimize for your strategies, analyze data, automate trades and more.

Our Indicators

Whether you use them as stand alone tools or together as a part of a system with proper risk management, our suite of algorithmic trading indicators and tools will help you screen daily opportunities, validate ideas, mitigate risk and increase the likelihood and percentage rate of profitable trades.


Fire Charts are thermal maps that give you a visual representation of resistance, support and liquidity in the LIVE orderbook.  Bundled with our CVD indicator to alert you when whales, sharks and minnows are making their moves. As a stand alone tool or paired with others, #FireCharts are absolute FIRE.

Trend Precognition Indicators

With default settings optimized for longer timeframes, our Trend Precognition bundle includes a set of on and off chart predictive indicators which may be optimized relative to any time frames you choose. It's like having a trusted market guru pointing which direction the micro trend is headed.

MTF Mean Reversion Screener

Designed to identify buy zones and help you turn capital quickly, MTF is a mean reversion indicator that may be used as a screener or assigned to automated trading bots. It identifies buying ranges with a historically and mathematically high probability of profitability in a relatively short amount of time.  See results.

Powerful Tools and a More Powerful Community

We have been so fortunate to build a community of traders who are using our tools everyday.  We wouldn’t exist today without their ideas and feedback, as many of them have been with us through every stage of development. Our Telegram community has grown into a global community of traders who not only bring value to us, but also provide value to each other by sharing ideas and insights, and having meaningful and relevant discussions. When you sign up with Material Indicators, you become part of a learning community of traders helping each other grow and be more successful everyday. The value this has brought to us is impossible to measure, and we are grateful for everyone that contributes respectful and intelligent ideas to our global community of traders in the MI Trading Community on Telegram.

MI Trading Academy