Material Indicators iconic FireCharts heat maps and institutional grade crypto market data visualization tools and trading signals are favorites among crypto traders and investors.

The Science of Trading

Material Indicators uses science based research methodologies to develop, test and validate institutional grade crypto market data, data visualization tools, trading signals and other crypto market metrics.

Our iconic FireCharts heat maps and Trend Precognition indicators are favorites among traders, and our MTF Mean Reversion trading signals have a well documented hit rate on crypto coin pairs.

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Science Based. Data Driven. Community Minded.

Material Indicators provides data visualization tools including FireCharts heat maps, trading signals, institutional crypto market data, and analysis for crypto traders and investors. Our core principles are rooted in science-based research and validation methodologies, data driven decision making and a community minded approach to everything we do. 

Our scientific approach to crypto market data, our unique data visualization tools and a close connection with our community members has helped us build one of the best global crypto trading communities on Telegram.

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FireCharts or Fire Charts are crypto market data visualization heat maps that show order book and order flow data on crypto coin pairs.


Fire Charts are thermal heat maps that give you a visual representation of resistance, support, and liquidity in the LIVE order book. Bundled with our proprietary binned CVD indicator, Fire Charts are powerful data visualization tools that can alert you when whales are making their moves.

Fire Charts supports all BTC and USDT coin pairs on Binance. Additional exchanges and crypto coin pairs will come in a future release.

Our MTF Mean Reversion trading indicators can be used with crypto, stocks and other assets to identify buy and sell trading signals in volatile markets.

MTF Mean Reversion Trading Signals

Our MTF Mean Reversion indicator is designed to identify buy zones with a high probability of bouncing. It may be used as a screener or to send trading signals to automated trading bots for scalping and swing trading strategies. It can also be optimized to buy the dip for longer term investment strategies. With a well documented hit rate >95%, it's a powerhouse for traders. MTF comes bundled with our Trend Precognition indicators as well as with Premium Plans. MTF Mean Reversion trading signals work with any asset you can chart on TradingView.

Trend Precognition trading indicators use historical crypto market data to identify trend reversals and provide long and short trading signals on any asset.

Trend Precognition Indicators

Our Trend Precognition trading signals include a set of on and off chart predictive indicators which may be optimized relative to any time frames you choose. It's great for helping validate ideas and make on the fly decisions. Trend Precognition comes bundled with our MTF Mean Reversion trading signals in the MTF+Trend Plan as well as with Premium and PREMIUM+ Plans. Similarly to MTF, Trend Precognition works with any asset you can chart on TradingView and requires an active TradingView subscription.

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