FireCharts Tutorial | How to Use Order Book + CVD Data to Validate Setups & Mitigate Risk

Learn how how to read the thermal map of the order book and the order flow also known as the cumulative volume delta (CVD).

#FireCharts are the newest edition to our suite of trading indicators and tools at

#FireCharts combine a thermal map of the order book with a granular look at order flow, also known as CVD. These tools give a visual representation of resistance, support and liquidity making them excellent trading tools for validating trade setups and mitigating risk.

FireCharts literally give you a window to the order book and order flow so you can see exactly when whales, sharks and minnows are making their market moves.

 Let’s face it, we don’t all have the money it takes to trade like a whale, but #FireCharts make it easy to swim with the pod.

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