Material Indicators Has Cleared the Launchpad | Get Your License Now

(Edited from our LIVE Launch Event.)

The LIVE Launch Event and Auction may be over, but watching this condensed version will tell you a lot about who we are, what we do, what our amazing, global community of traders thinks of our trading tools and indicators, and more importantly, how they value them. 


If you missed the auction and still want to gain access to Material Indicators suite of trading indicators and tools, including Trend Precognition, MTF Mean Reversion and #FireCharts, a limited number of licenses are being offered at introductory prices during our FLASH SALE. Click here to get yours before they are gone!

The most fun and exciting brand and product launch we could have hoped for.

Startups are often challenged to figure out how to price products that have never been released…at least we certainly were. When our Co-Founding team faced that challenge, we came up with a strategy to allow our global Telegram community of traders set the price in a LIVE auction, then offered a limited number of licenses at discounted prices via FLASH Sale. What resulted was perhaps the most fun and exciting brand and product launch any startup could hope for. It was an absolute blast and a resounding success!

Co-Founders Keith Alan, Fred Schneider and Brad Nickel put a Founding Member’s Lifetime License on the auction block. License #001 to be precise. The bidding escalates quickly into a smack talking bidding war. As a bootstrapped startup offering a lifetime license to every current and future retail product we release, assigning a price to something that has never been offered is a difficult thing to do, so we did the logical thing and let our community of traders set the price. It’s hard to think of a more fun way to do a brand or product launch, but considering the number of tools we are working on to release in the future, we plan to have fun trying.

To learn more about who we are and what we do at Material Indicators, follow us on Twitter at MI_Algos and join our global community of traders on Telegram at