by Nina Misteli

Thank you for ordering!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming a smarter, data driven trader. We know you are eager to get started, so we encourage you to check out our tutorial videos to learn how to optimize our tools for your trading strategies.

Accessing Your New Tools

Our onboarding process is manual and orders are activated in the order they were received, but the entire process typically doesn't take too long.

If you subscribed to FireCharts, Premium, or PREMIUM+ Plan you can access the web app from the pull down menu under your account profile. Login using the same email and username you used when you created your order.

If your plan included a subscription to our MTF Mean Reversion and Trend Precognition Indicators, the only thing you need to access the indicators is your TradingView account login. Please note that it can take TradingView up to 24 hours to sync with new indicator authorizations. Our indicators will appear under Invite-only scripts on the TradingView Add Indicators & Strategies menu.

If you subscribed to a PREMIUM+ Plan, in addition to the above, one of our co-founders will DM you on Telegram with an invite to our private PREMIUM+ Community.