Crypto Market Data, Trading Indicators, Charts and
Data Visualization Tools for Traders

Material Indicators uses strict scientific testing and validation methodologies and protocols to develop and test every metric, algorithmic trading indicator and data visualization tool we release. We've been aggregating and analyzing crypto market data including order book and order flow data on hundreds of BTC and USDT coin pairs and hundreds of thousands of our MTF Mean Reversion indicator signals since 2019.

FireCharts or Fire Charts are crypto market data visualization heat maps that show order book and order flow data on crypto coin pairs.

Fire Charts

Fire Charts are thermal maps that give you a visual representation of resistance, support, and liquidity in the LIVE order book. Bundled with our binned CVD indicator that can alert you when whales are making market orders that influence price direction. Together, the Fire Charts liquidity map and CVD chart create a bundle of data visualization tools that may be used to identify buy zones, profit targets and DCA levels. By watching liquidity move in the live order book and analysing the CVD chart you can spot whale moves and trade with their momentum.

Our MTF Mean Reversion trading indicators can be used with crypto, stocks and other assets to identify buy and sell trading signals in volatile markets.

MTF Mean Reversion Indicator

Designed to identify buy zones, MTF is a mean reversion indicator that may be used as a screener or to send trading signals to automated trading bots for scalping, swing trading and buy the dip strategies. It works with any asset you can chart on TradingView and has a documented track record of success. To date we've logged hundreds of thousands of MTF trading signals across market cycles with a consistently high strike rate. *Requires a TradingView account

Trend Precognition trading indicators use historical crypto market data to identify trend reversals and provide long and short trading signals on any asset.

Trend Precognition Indicators

Our Trend Precognition bundle includes a set of on and off chart predictive indicators which identify trend reversals. Default settings are ideal for high time frames, and with a simple setting adjustment it can be optimized relative to any time frames you choose. Trend Precognition comes bundled with our MTF Mean Reversion Indicator and also may be applied to any asset you chart on TradingView.
*Requires a TradingView account