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MTF Mean Reversion Indicator

High-frequency mean reversion trading indicator

Our MTF Mean Reversion Indicator (MTF) is a high frequency mean reversion indicator that alerts you when an asset is entering a potential buy zone with a high probability to bounce. Since April 2019, over 95% of the 300,000+ MTF trading signals we’ve logged on BTC pairs and USDT pairs have reached 1.25% of profitability or higher, consistently delivering profitable results to savvy traders.
*Requires a TradingView account.

Our MTF Mean Reversion trading indicators can be used with crypto, stocks and other assets to identify buy and sell trading signals in volatile markets.


BTC and USDT Signals

> 95%

Reach 1.25 % or higher*

< 36 hours

Average time to 1.25 % profit*

Proven Performance Across Multiple Asset Classes

MTF is a high-frequency, high-performance algorithmic trading indicator that consistently delivers profit-generating trading opportunities to cryptocurrency, equities, and forex traders. Designed to identify buy zones and turn capital quickly, MTF is a mean reversion indicator that identifies potential buy zones with a historically and mathematically high probability of profitability in a relatively short amount of time. *Past performance does not guarantee future results.

How High and How Fast?

That is precisely what we wanted to know. That’s why we’ve recorded every MTF signal on BTC pairs and USDT pairs on Binance since April 2019. (To date September, 2021), over 95% of the 200,000+ MTF signals reached at least 1.25% profit within 5 days, with an average of around 3 days, making it ideal for scalping in low time frames. Because it is a mean reversion indicator, MTF signals often reach higher profits in the same 5-day range.
*Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Screen. Optimize. Automate.

With numerous signals weekly, MTF excels as a both screener and an alert to command automated trading bots. Whether you use MTF alerts to screen and cherry-pick trades or you assign them to automated algorithmic trading bots, MTF can be optimized for various assets and asset classes with a very simple setting adjustment.

Our Indicators

As a screener that identifies when falling prices have a high probability of bouncing, the power and value of our MTF Mean Reversion Indicator really heats up when paired with our Fire Charts which can be used to visually identify support, resistance, and liquidity. It’s an ideal system for identifying opportunities and validating setups, as well as all of the entry, exit, stop loss, and DCA targets, literally at a glance.

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