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Some Things Can’t Be Compromised

by Keith Alan
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The close connection we have with our community demands a level of accountability and service that can't be faked or compromised, and we plan to keep it that way.

Some Things Can't Be Compromised

Quality Over Quantity

After nearly 2 years since we sold our first paid subscription we’ve had more requests for a monthly payment plan than any of us can count. There are a myriad of reasons we haven’t gone there, and to be honest, the biggest factors are the logistics involved in monitoring and managing exponentially more subscriptions, and subsequently servicing those customers. That may not matter to companies that are in it for the money grab any way they can get it, but that’s simply not how we roll. I’m not going to pretend that we aren’t here to make money because we most certainly do have financial goals for the company. The things we simply are not willing to compromise on are the quality of the products and data we deliver, or the quality of the service we provide. Delivering quality customer service is one of our core principles, and it’s safe to say that the close connection we have with our community members demands a level of accountability and service that can not be faked or compromised. When we released our first retail products back in September of 2020 we honestly didn’t think we were ready, but we had so much encouragement and support from our community that we went ahead and started onboarding small batches of customers month after month to not only test our infrastructure, but also to test our own ability to manage and service our customers. While we are still a very lean team, the growth and support we’ve had has helped us immensely and inspires us to keep pushing ourselves.

We’ve actually contemplated the idea of monthly subscriptions for a while, and we’ve been reluctant to take on the extra responsibility and work that came along with it, but one thing we’ve learned through the relationships we’ve built with our community members is that it isn’t really about us. It’s about our customer’s needs, and our ability to fulfill those needs in a way that doesn’t compromise the quality of the products or service we can deliver. 

We’ve  certainly known there is market demand for a monthly payment plan since we started, but that hasn’t been enough of a reason for us to offer it in the past, so why are we doing it now? The simple answer is, we are doing it to fulfill a need. Wherever you live in the world, there really is no escape from the effects of inflation. Some certainly feel it more than others, and those with less discretionary income feel it the most. We are sensitive to that and we want to do what we can to to make it easier for more people to gain access to our tools. 

Monthly MTF Mean Reversion and Trend Precognition Plan subscriptions for $99.99 per month

Since we like to test and validate everything we do before we scale it, we are initially only offering monthly subscriptions on MTF + Trend Plans, which is an addition to the 3 month, 6 month and 12 month options subscribers may choose from. We’ll give it some time and then evaluate whether we want to do the same with any other products in the future. To be clear, longer term subscriptions amortize to a lower monthly cost basis so for those that can afford the out of pocket expense, the better value is for a longer term subscription. We are now offering a monthly option for those who want our trading signals, but don’t yet have the income to comfortably pay for a longer term license. Whether you choose the monthly option because you just want to test the indicators before you commit to a longer subscription or you do so because it’s a better fit for your monthly budget, you should have a goal of mastering the indicators as quickly as you can, employing sound risk management strategies and making enough money to pay for the longer term subscription as soon as you can, as it will save you money in the long run.

A Battle Tested Bundle of Trading Signals For Any Asset

Trend Precognition identifies trends on crypto and stocksThe MTF + Trend Plan includes a suite of battle tested indicators that may be used with any asset you can load on TradingView, hence a TradingView account is required. Our Trend Precognition bundle includes a variety of on and off chart indicators and algos that identify trend reversals in near real time. Default settings are ideal for high time frames and with a simple settings adjustment it can be optimized for intraday time frames. Whether you use it for scalping or for longer term trading decisions, you will quickly find that Trend Precognition helps eliminate a lot of the guesswork and uncertainty in your trading decisions.  Learn more about our Trend Precognition indicators and algos on our YouTube channel.

MTF Mean Reversion indicator is a fibonacci based mean reversion algoOur MTF Mean Reversion indicator is also included in the MTF + Trend Plan. MTF is a fibonacci based mean reversion indicator that signals when an asset dips to a potential buy zone with a high probability of price bouncing and returning to the mean price.  MTF trading signals can be setup as alerts in TradingView and used manually to screen potential buying opportunities or it can be used to send signals to automated trading bots to execute trades on the assets you choose, when ever they trigger an alert.

Since 2019, >96% of the MTF signals we’ve received on BTC and USDT pairs have reached >/= 1.25% profit in less than a 5 day period. Many signals go significantly higher and the average trade close in under 36 hours. We realize those are some lofty claims, which is why we’ve been aggregating data on every MTF signal since 2019, analyze performance regularly and have posted performance summaries below. MTF Mean Reversion Indicator performance summary on USDT coin pairsMTF Mean Reversion Indicator performance summary on BTC coin pairsWhile we do tend to see a bit more drawdown and less to the extreme upside in marketwide downturns, MTF has performed with great consistency across various market conditions. There are a number of MTF Mean Reversion tutorials on our YouTube channel to help you master this powerful indicator.

If you are interested in trying out our Trend Precognition and MTF Mean Reversion indicators I suggest at last watching the some of the tutorials on our YouTube channel to get a better understanding of how they work, before you buy. MTF + Trend are available as a stand alone plan and are also bundled with Premium and Premium+ Plans. Compare plans here.

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